If You See One Mouse How Many Do You Have?

The question many people keep asking concerning mice infestation is: does one mouse mean you have an infestation? Well, mice infestation in your house can happen gradually or suddenly.

It can be gradual if the mice have discovered a new suitable place within your house, but haven’t found the way into the house. In such a case, you are likely to find one or two mice in your house and they disappear.

However, if it is sudden, it means the environment in your house is suitable and the mice have found a way of easily entering your house.  Keep reading to find out more about the process of mice infestation, signs, and prevention measures.

If you see one mouse how many do you have?

The probability of more mice in your house if you found one is very high. To be certain about the infestation of mice in your house, you should check in the following areas:

  • In-wall cracks
  • Behind your refrigerator, if you own one
  • Beneath the sink
  • In the back corners of your closets
  • In any other dark and hidden places in your house

Alternatively, if you saw a mouse and its droppings, you can track the mice using the defecations.

If it leads you to the outside of your house, then it may mean the mouse’s nest is outside your house and maybe the mouse lost its way and found itself inside your house.

Nevertheless, if the mouse trails end inside your house, make sure you check in the listed areas above.

If you find more mice, contact the mice remover professionals or apply appropriate measures to get rid of the mice from your house (check our website, there are several articles that talk about this process).

Signs of mice infestation

We have said the possibility of finding more mice in your house after you saw one is very high. However, to be sure if your place is infested by mice you should search for any of the following signs.

  1. Stale smell originating from hidden places. The smell is usually because of the mouse urine or droppings that may have accumulated over a week or so.
  2. Signs of chewing on feed wrapping. For instance, you find the packet carrying your seeds has been damaged, it is a sign that there are pests in your house.
  3. Holes chewed through floors and walls that form entry points into your house.
  4. Mice droppings. This is the easiest sign to identify and when you can easily find the droppings in the areas listed above, but primarily near food packages, beneath the sink, and in cupboards or drawers.
  5. Nesting material like shredded fabric, paper, or dried wood or plant matter. The mice usually use these materials to build their nests and so, if you find plenty of them in any of the listed locations above, then you need to work on the appropriate mechanisms to get rid of the mice. Some of these mechanisms are discussed in the following section.

How to kill mice and rats fast?

When you are sure that your house has been infested by rodents, then the next optimal step is to find the best way to exterminate the mice or rats.  Here are some of the methods you can use to kill these rodents faster.

  1. The use of home remedies to kill rats and mice

Get a cat or a mice or rat hunting dog and that will be the easiest and most natural way to get a kill and reduce the population of the rodents from your home.

If you cannot afford to buy a cat, you can borrow from a neighbor, the important thing is that it helps in eliminating these pests.

  1. Mice or Rat traps

See the picture below of a rodent trap you can use.

Black Metal external rodent rat bait station outside against a wall close up

The rodent trap is the basic thing that people try when they find mice or rats in their homes.  This is a tested and actual approach for a rodent-free house.

For you to succeed in exterminating the rodents using the traps, read keenly the following two paragraphs.

To start with the best and most common traps are Snap Traps, you can select any of these traps or even go for glue, live catch, or electronic traps.

Once you have identified the traps you want, start with six traps. It doesn’t matter if you saw only one rat or mouse, these rodents live in larger groups, and there is a possibility that several more are living outside or inside your house.

The traps should be located in the locations already identified above such as beneath the kitchen sink, in baseboards, or behind your stove.

However, the optimal place for you to place your traps is close to their nests.  It is perhaps easier for you to use the above signs to adequately identify places to put your traps.

Important Note: Put the traps in a sheltered place so that the rodents feel safe and hopefully take the bait.

How to prevent mice infestation?

Do the following to prevent mice infestation in your home:

#1 Seal holes outside and inside the home to keep the mice out.

This process can be as simple as beavering small openings using steel wool, or patching holes outside or inside walls.

#2 Always clean up water and food sources near and in your house.

You can attain that through:

  • Stopping to feed outdoor birds when you are controlling an infiltration or feed only huskless items that do not leave a lot of residues, which can be used as food by mice.
  • Ensure your kitchen dustbin is well covered using tight-fitting lids

#3 Remove potential mice nesting sites from your home, including deep mulch and leaf piles.

Signs of mice but no droppings – what should I do?

If there are other signs of mice infestation in your home, but you are not seeing droppings, you should take all the mechanisms necessary to kill the mice.

It does not matter if the droppings are there or not, any sign of mice infestation should be taken seriously if indeed you want to have a home free of mice.


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