Orkin Mice Control – Does Orkin Get Rid of Mice?

Orkin is a company with an extensive record when it comes to pest control in homes and offices in the US. However, the question that abounds is: Is Orkin worth it for mice control?

In this article, we explore the issue in detail and inform you on how the Orkin Mouse removal service works.

Apart from determining whether Orkin is good for mice, we will explore other aspects of mice treatment, which include mice removal cost, mice traps, mice poison, and mice removal customer reviews.

Does Orkin Get Rid of Mice?

Yes, Orkin has specialists that focus on the removal of rodent pests such as mice and rats.

If you suspect or have confirmed to have a mice infestation, you can always contact Orkin Specialists and they will start the treatment process that meets your needs.

Orkin Mice Treatment Process

How does Orkin Control or remove mice from the house?

Well, the Orkin mouse removal process starts by you calling them when you suspect or have confirmed the reality of a mouse infestation in your house.

After you have called them, Orkin will initiate the removal process through three main steps:

  1. Inspection and identification of the mice infestation
  2. Treatment of the mice infestation
  3. Inspection and re-treatment of the infestation, if necessary.

Inspection and Identification of the Mice present

At this stage, pest control experts from Orkin will visit the house of office to determine the extend of mice infestation and find out the specific type/species of the mice present.

Different mouse kinds have different habitat and behavioral characteristics.

Therefore, it makes sense when the specialists determine the exact species they are dealing with in the infestation.

This would then inform on the treatment procedure to be adopted.

The inspection may result in any one of the three main types of mice namely the house mouse (mus musculus), the white-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus), and the deer mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus).

The identification is done basing on their size, weight, and color.

Also, behavior, diet, and habitat may be used to prescribe a suitable remedy for the infestation

During the inspection process, the specialists will look for

  1. Physical Sighting of at least one mouse – If you see a single mouse in the house chances are that there is an infestation.
  2. Odors – Unpleasant smells from walls may indicate a mouse infestation. The odors may be caused by dead mice, mice urine, or mouse fecal deposits in the wall cavities.
  3. Noises – By listening clearly, one may hear sounds and noises from mice gnawing and scratching the inner wall surfaces, or when they are chasing each other from one side of the wall to another.
  4. Chewed surfaces and items – Mice like chewing items or surfaces. Therefore if inspectors find pieces of plastics, small pieces of wood, gnaw marks on surfaces, and paper debris, they may conclude that there is a positive indication of the mouse infestation.

Treatment and Removal of Mice

After confirming that indeed your house or office is infested with mice, the Orkin specialists may embrace the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy to get rid of all of the mice.

As already stated, the treatment process will be informed by the mouse species and behavior.

For instance, knowing the rodents’ habitats and feeding habit helps in customizing the treatment plan for a specific mice infestation.

Orkin employs both chemical and non-chemical procedures to eliminate mice.

Chemical procedures include the use of chemicals to kill or chase the mice from the house or the office.

Non-chemical procedures on the other hand involve the use of physical and mechanical devices to eradicate the mice infestation.

Orkin Mouse Poison

In this mice treatment approach, the Orkin Pest Management Professional (PMP) uses poison to kill the mice.

The poison may be added to bait-food and placed along the routes used by the mice when moving between any two points pr sections of the wall.

The use of Orkin mouse poison necessitates checking later and removing the dead mice.

If this is not done there is likely to be unpleasant odors emanating from the wall cavities due to the rotting mice bodies.

Orkin Mice Control Traps

This is a non-chemical procedure in which the Orkin specialists use baits and mechanical devices to trap mice. Traps may either kill or incapacitate the mice.

After the mice have been entrapped, the specialists collect the dead or live mice for disposal.

Exclusion and Scaling of Mice Routes

This is a combination of both chemical and non-chemical procedures to seal off sites the mice use to enter the house of office.

The specialists will therefore find and seal any opening that is greater than 0.25 inches, using material such as door sweeps, heavy-duty sealants, flashing, and screen.

This is one of the best long-term strategies to keep mice out of the house.

Inside & Outside Sanitation

The greatest challenge one can face when dealing with mice infestation is having recurrent/unending infestation.

Therefore, it is important for one to always embrace cleanliness both inside and outside the house.

Cleanliness minimizes stuff and debris that can attract mice into and around the house.

The sanitation process also ensures the home is not ridden with places that can serve as hiding or harborages for the mice.

Post-Treatment Inspection and Re-treatment

Sometimes the mice may not be eradicated through the initial treatment. Or there may be a reinfestation shortly after the first treatment has been done.

It is for this reason that Orkin Offers post-treatment inspection to check and confirm that indeed there are no mice left.

This should normally happen shortly after the designated treatment time is over, to be considered part of the initial treatment package. Otherwise, it would be considered a totally different or new service.

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Orkin Mice Control Cost

How much does Orkin cost for mice?

Well, the cost of mouse control or termination services offered by Orkin caries according to the amount of work involved.

The work involved depends on the extent of the infestation, the size of the house/office, and the time it takes to achieve sustainable 100% extermination.

Therefore, by estimation, the cost of mice extermination services at Orkin ranges from $200 to $1500

It is advisable to call the Orkin Experts as soon as possible the moment you sight a mouse.

This is because mice tend to reproduce quickly and within a short time you may have to deal with tens of mice instead of just two or three.

The cost may also be influenced by how easy it is to reach the rodents in their hideouts.

This means even if you have an infestation of only 4 mice, but they are located deep into the wall cavities, reaching them or covering all of their routes with traps or poisonous baits may result in a high cost of extermination.

In some cases, exterminators may offer free mice inspection services which may reduce the total cost.

Orkin Mice Control Reviews

There are hundreds of reviews online from customers reviewing the services offered by the Orkin Pest and Rodent Control Specialists.

Here, we sample some of the online Orkin mice control service reviews according to real customers who procured the services.

  • A customer rates the services they received from Orkin Florida as prompt and efficient. The Orkin experts inspected and eradicated rats and mice for $1300 which was a great deal for this customer.
  • Another customer, Gene from Philadelphia, says that Orkin gave him poor experience because he had to always call more than 6 times for him to get a response which in most cases was not helping.
  • A Canadian customer states that they had to abandon the procurement of Orkin services after being dissatisfied at the initial stages.
  • A customer, Sandra of Monroe says that they had a very bad experience when they contacted Orkin for mice removal services. According to her, the fact that she was asked to pay $296 upfront, and the lack of follow-up calls from Orkin representatives amounts to a very bad experience for her.
  • Eric of Pine City complains of Orkin not living to their expectations when they actively served only 2 out of the 6 months agreed on the contract to eliminate wasps, bats, and spiders in the house they had recently purchased.

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