Orkin Termite Control – Inspection, Cost & Reviews

Termite infestation can be costly if it is left to continue uncontrolled for long. In fact, termites are probably the most destructive pests insofar as the damage to home structures is concerned.

it is for this reason that pest exterminators such as Orkin and Terminix exist. this article explores termite infestation control and treatment services offered by Orkin.

Does Orkin Get Rid of Termites?

Yes, Orkin offers comprehensive termite eradication packages that, according to them, guarantee 100% removal of all termite colonies that may have infested your home or office.

To achieve this, Orkin uses a variety of approaches that are usually customized according to one’s needs.

In general, all approaches follow the Orkin AIM strategy, which basically involves Assessment, Implementation, and Monitoring.

Assessment refers to the inspection, while Implementation is the actual deployment of termite control strategies, approaches, or solutions.

Monitoring refers to the after-treatment inspection done periodically as agree in the pest termination contract.

Orkin Termite Control Methods

Termite infestation varies from one case to another and that means no single approach can be considered universally applicable.

The Orkin termite control approach may use one or a combination of more than one approach to get rid of these destructible insects.

The various methods used by Orkin have been discussed in detail here below.

#1 Bait and Monitoring

In this approach, Orkin experts use chemicals to disrupt the termites’ growth process.

This results in stunted growth of the termite this making it impossible for them to multiply. It basically affects the termites’ ability to molt.

It requires monitoring after a specified period so that the expert can access how effective the approach is in limiting the prevalence of the termites.

This solution is most suitable in areas that are naturally vulnerable to termite infestation and they include mulched gardens and old tree stumps.

The brands commonly used for this is Sentron®

#2 Liquid Termite Treatments

In this approach, Orkin uses termiticides to achieve immediate and future protection against termite infestation.

Most termite infestations happen because most building foundations are vulnerable.

To address this problem preventatively, Orkin experts use controlled and closely monitored amounts of termiticides such as Termidor to protect building foundations.

The brand used here is Termidor termiticides and is safer for both outdoor and indoor applications

#3 Dry Foam

This is a suitable approach when treating termite infestation around ducts, water pipes, under slabs, and in exterior or interior walls of the house.

Many of the cavities around the mentioned areas are not easily accessible and that is why it becomes necessary to use substances that can expand and reach them.

In this case, the substance is Orkin Foam whose expansion characteristics combined with low moisture content make it suitable for such treatment.

Orkin Termite Inspection

Inspection is the first step for pest eradication because it not only helps in costing the whole extermination process, but also helps the experts understand what approach would be suitable, and how long the extermination process would take.

Termite inspection process at Orkin.

At Orkin, the inspection is done by an experienced termite extermination expert.

The Orkin specialists visit your home or office to assess the level of infestation in vulnerable areas, which may include sections and structures made of wood material.

The equipment used during the inspection by Orkin experts include:

  1. IR Thermometers
  2. Termite Detectors
  3. Moisture meters

After the inspection has been completed, Orkin experts prepare a detailed termite extermination report that explains what would need to be done.

Orkin Free Termite Inspection

Does Orkin provide free termite inspection? What does the Orkin termite inspection cost?

Well, Orkin does offer free inspection and quotation with no obligation for potential; customers.

Sor if you have confirmed or suspected that you have a termite infestation, you can always contact the Orkin specialists and they would schedule an inspection exercise for you.

Orkin Termite Treatment Cost

How much does Orkin charge for termite eradication?

Well, the cost of termite eradication services at Orkin is variable and differs on a case-by-case basis because it depends on a variety of factors.

The main factors that determine the cost of Orkin termite control service include:

1. The Extent and Nature of Infestation

Infestations vary both by spread (size) and the number of colonies present. These, therefore, determine the amount of termiticide and time sued to achieve 100% eradication.

Additionally, some termite species are more destructive and tend to spread so fast. these may therefore need more resources comparatively, which may translate to higher costs.

2. Location

The location of the infestation also determines the cost of material used to eradicate the termite.

For example, it is cheaper to deal with a termite infestation in the garden than it is to deal with one in the wall cavities

3. Climate

The prevailing climate affects how fast termites spread and the extent of damage they can cause within a given time frame.

During summer, for example, termites’ territories expand thereby resulting in a large infestation, whereas, during the winter season, there is a relatively slower rate of expansion.

4. Method of extermination

After the Orkin specialist settles on the suitable extermination method, the cost would have to be informed by the chosen solution.

Orkin Termite Treatment Warranty

Orkin has a guarantee or warranty period of 30 days after termite eradication.

The warranty falls under the “We are not Satisfied until you are Satisfied” slogan in which you can report an issue within 30 days after treatment to have Orkin specialists rectify it within another 30 days.

If they fail to rectify whatever they need to the customer can initiate the money-back refund process.

It should be noted here that the protection plans involve thermite control contracts renewable annually.

The contracts usually guarantee that the customer would be covered for protection services for the year they paid for.

Orkin Termite Reviews

Orkin receives both negative and positive reviews insofar as their termite eradication services are concerned.

In this section, we will explore both the positive and negative reviews posted by verified customers on a number of online platforms

Stacey from Buffalo, New York points out that when she contacted Orkin for a possible termite infestation, the inspector gave her a very high quote.

When they contacted a competitor, it was determined that hers was not a termite infestation but rather a carpenter ant infestation. She, therefore, gives Orkin a 1-str rating.

Teresa from Cincinnati, Ohio complains that Orkin experts used false pretense to inspect the Attic when the real reason was to inspect insulation, which they later installed. Theresa rates Orkin services in this case as 1-star quality.

Boyonka from Hazel Crest, Illinois also gives a 1-star review for Orkin’s termite treatment services. Boyonka states that the Orkin specialist was careless to the extent of knocking loose her sump pump cord which resulted in the flooding of the crawl space.

Elizabeth from Hickory, North Carolina gives a 5-star rating for the excellent services she received not only for termites but also for a possible snake infestation in the patio. She notes that the Orkin specialist was kind and understanding.