Orkin Bed Bugs – Does Orkin Kill Bed Bugs?

Orkin has been in the business of eradicating pests and parasites for more than a century. Therefore, it is one of the companies whose services you may seek if you are struggling with a bed bug infestation.

The question is does Orkin really remove bed bugs? Yes, Orkin has certified pest control professionals that can inspect, diagnose, and recommend the correct method for bed bug termination.

What does Orkin do (use) to Kill Bed Bugs?

Let’s say you have bed bug infestation and decide to acquire Orkin bed bug removal services. You would be curious to know what does Orkin do when they come? How does Orkin treat bed bug infestation?

Well, Orkin has developed an effective bed bug elimination process they call the A.I.M process that involves three stages, namely: Assess, Implement, and Monitor, discussed in detail here below.

Orkin’s A.I.M Process

The process involves addressing all factors associated with bed bug infestation, including understanding where the bed bugs come from and determining whether the treatment process has been effective.

1. Assess

This is the first step and it basically involves the inspection of the infested area (home or office).

The assessment or inspection helps the Orkin experts to assess how serious a problem the bed bugs are in terms of the number of harborages and how extensive the infestation is.

In the case of Orkin, an expert visits the affected home to do a whole-house inspection in which they look for signs of an infestation.

The process starts with the bedroom as they work their way through other sections of the house including furniture, rugs, and linens. Where necessary, the experts may use special tools to check in cracks and crevices.

2. Implement

After diagnosing the extent of the problem, Orkin then determines the best bed bug treatment process that can be deployed in each case, factoring in your own preferences.

The treatment process does not only target adult bed bugs but also their larvae and the termination process involve the use of bed bug sprays or heat treatment methods.

3. Monitor

The monitoring stage involves some elements of assessments in which the Orkin visits you to confirm if the bed bug treatment approaches employed have been effective in eradicating the parasites.

It may also involve the experts giving you some of the practices to uphold to prevent reinfestation especially if the previous infestation is due to known behaviors that can be changed such as avoiding the purchase of used furniture.

Orkin Bed Bug Sprays

Orkin has developed specially formulated sprays that can be used to counter bed bug infestation. The certified Orkin specialist may need more than 2 spraying sessions to ensure they do not miss any bed bug adult, egg, or larvae.

The sprays used may be standard bed bug sprays available on the market.

Orkin Bed Bug Heat Treatment

This process involves using intense sustained high temperatures to penetrate into areas where bed bugs hide on walls, cracks and crevices, furniture, and electronics.

This is one of the effective ways of targeting bed bugs that hide in areas that cannot be reached easily by other conventional bed bug treatment methods.

Other Conventional bedbug treatment methods at Orkin

Apart from the use of bed bug sprays and superheating, Orkin may use other approaches as the situation may dictate. The alternatives include the use of mattress encasements and steam heaters.

How effective is Orkin Bed Bug Treatment?

We all expect results when we engage the services of professional bed bug exterminators such as Orkin. Now how long does Orkin bed bug treatment last?

Orkin, just like other professional bed bug exterminators in the US and UK, performs 3 to 4 treatments to guarantee that all bed bug eggs and larvae are dead.

If this is done correctly, the Orkin bed bug treatment lasts for as long as it takes. Bed bugs do not come from the air. They are actually brought into the house by people who leave and come back.

Therefore, it is safe to say that if you succeed in not carrying a pregnant female bed bug into your home, you are likely to never experience an infestation again.

Orkin Bed Bug Treatment Cost

We know that pest extermination is not necessarily a cheap service especially if the infestation is extensive and widespread. It is therefore understandable that one may need to know the cost of the service before they commit to a given service.

Which brings us to the real question, how much does Orkin charge to treat bed bugs using sprays or heat treatment?

Well, according to Orkin the cost of exterminating bed bugs varies from one house to another because it depends on the other factors that would have to be determined by an actual inspection by an Orkin expert.

By estimation, the cost of Orkin bed bug treatment service, including Orkin Heat, may cost anything between $1500 and $3500.

Orkin Bed Bug Treatment Reviews

Numerous reviews can be found online of people sharing their experiences with Orkin bed bug extermination services. Most of the reviews are positive.

However, as I have already stated here, the bed bug elimination process may pose challenges such as reinfestation due to new bed bugs being carried back into the treated area, or when a viable pregnant bed bug survives the extermination process.

This may lead to a negative review by some customers especially if they do not have clear information on the possible causes of reinfestation.

I would recommend that you try professional bed bug exterminators (including Orkin) on your own and make your own judgment on whether it is a worthy investment for you.

FAQs on Orkin Bed Bug Treatment

Since some issues may not be clearly captured in the article above, this section attempts to respond to specific questions our readers may have.

What chemicals does Orkin use?

Orkin uses standard approved chemicals and ingredients in the bed bug elimination process. Depending on the type of infection, Orkin may use pesticides manufactured from approved pyrethrins and pyrethroids.

Does Orkin spray kill bed bugs?

In most cases, the Orkin spray specially formulated for bed bugs kills bed bugs thus stopping their continued infestation.

However, there have been reported cases of bed bugs becoming resistant to some of the pyrethrins and pyrethroids used in the manufacture of most bed bug sprays.

The experts at Orkin will definitely suggest an alternative bed bug treatment process when they determine that the bed bugs are resistant to the used bed bug sprays.

Conclusion – Is Orkin Worth It?

There are many pest control companies here in the US and all over the world. Now, what makes one preferable over the others? Well, it depends on the ability of the company in question to meet the customer’s needs.

Therefore, is Orkin worthy as a premium bed bug eradication service? Yes, Orkin has the capacity, expert skills, and hands-on experience to do both small and large-scale bed bug termination for all types of residential and office spaces.

Their prices fall within the market standards and their services and the fact that they are scattered all over the US makes them one of the most reliable pest control companies in the US and Canada.


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