Get Rid of Ants using Cinnamon: Does it Work

During summer, the number of bothersome ants increases, and it is a great issue that disturbs homeowners and those individuals who love spending their time outside their homes. Ants are the most annoying of all pesky insects.

The primary reason for that is that they can construct their nests both inside the house and in your yard.

Several people find themselves attempting all sorts of remedies to get rid of ants in their households, and the most common forms of remedies include insecticides and pesticides.

However, some of these chemicals are harmful and can kill other natural and environment important insects, therefore, interfering with the ecosystem.

Additionally, they can be harmful to both pets and children. Therefore, instead of applying these harmful chemicals, why don’t you try using cinnamon because as we shall see in the subsequent sections, it is completely safe and can help get rid of the ants.

Does Cinnamon Kill Ants?

We know that in the recent past, there have been a lot of conspiracies regarding ants and cinnamon, stating that cinnamon cannot exterminate ants. Most people think that ants enjoy ingesting cinnamon and therefore, it doesn’t kill them.

On the contrary, cinnamon is very lethal to ants. It has several volatile compounds that are very dangerous to the ants once they have ingested.

Some of the natural compounds that cinnamon include alkenes, esters, ketones, aldehydes, carboxylic acids, and ethers.  These natural alcohols and the smell that cinnamon contains aid in the killing or deterrence of ants.

Therefore, cinnamon is an effective way of exterminating and dissuading ants from getting to their target feeds, reconnoitering, and even interacting with other far distant ants. If so far, we have not convinced you to apply cinnamon in eliminating ants from your homes; then we are not definite what will.

Perhaps what you should note at this particular juncture is that you can find cinnamon oil and powder (covered in the last section of this article).

Both forms have the same capacity of exterminating ants, but some people tend to think that the powder type is less effective, later we shall look at some of the myths regarding cinnamon, and you will understand better about what are saying.

Ants & Cinnamon Myths

Before finding out how to use cinnamon in killing ants, it is important you get to know about the following myths pertaining to its use in eliminating ants.

  • Ants enjoy ingesting cinnamon

Several people believe that ants enjoy eating ants, and therefore, it should not be used as a form of treatment.

  • The powder form of cinnamon does not kill ants

Whilst a number of people believe that cinnamon kills ants, several strongly indicate that using the powder form cannot kill ants.

These two primary myths shouldn’t make you avoid using cinnamon in protecting your homes from the invasion of ants or getting them out if the home is already invested.

How to get rid of Ants using Cinnamon

Understanding how to apply cinnamon correctly will increase the chances of successfully getting rid of the ants from your homes.  Here are some of the most recommended steps that you should follow to be able to accomplish your mission.

  • Wearing protective gears

Always it is safe for you to wears gloves and a mask before starting the process of applying any ant-killing chemicals, including cinnamon.  Sometimes cinnamon can result in an allergic response in you. Therefore, it is important you this step seriously.

  • Mix water and cinnamon

Using a ration of 9:1, mix water and cinnamon. You should mix them thoroughly to enhance the chance of activity.  Sometimes, you can use warm water to fasten the process of dissolving.

  • Clean your house

You need to thoroughly clean your house to ensure that you locate the ants, including their nests. This an essential step, because applying cinnamon randomly without locating the nests cannot completely eliminate ants from your house.

  • Using a piece of cloth, apply cinnamon

Deep the cloth in your solution and wipe out the areas where you have located the ants.  This will aid in getting rid of the ants, including destroying their trails.

  • Spraying your empty bins

It is important to prevent ants from entering into areas such as dust bins, where they can stay and come back to your house again.  So, you should spray your bins with the solution as a prevention measure.

Important Note: Do not apply 100% cinnamon oil around open food. It creates a thrilling burning sensation.

Vinegar & Cinnamon for ants

You can use both cinnamon ad vinegar to get rid of ants from your home or yard adequately. Both have a strong smell that can deter the ants from coming near to your house. Therefore, when used together, the activity and probability of staying a stress-free life of ants disturbing you are very high.

Cinnamon Powder for ants

While several people tend to claim that the use of the powdered form of cinnamon cannot kill or get rid of ants, we want to insist that it can be used as a remedy to get rid of ants.

When using cinnamon powder just like the manner in which you will be doing with dust pesticides, the primary thing you are doing is to stir up ants. In other words, you are making them mad or forcing them to migrate to a new location.

N/B: If you are using this powder to get rid of fire ants, you should be at a greater distance from them because they can bite and sting you. Alternatively, you can cover yourself so well, so that they can’t reach your skin.

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