Best Silverfish Traps & Baits – Buy & Use

Find the best silverfish traps you can use in your home to deal with a silverfish infestation. Whether you plan to buy them in a physical shop or in an online mall, it is important to check the reviews of the best brands available for purchase. In this article, I have also included tips on how to use traps and baits to capture silverfish for eradication.

What is a Silverfish Trap

Homeowners and renters are constantly battling with silverfish every year. A simple online search reveals a variety of traps designed to lure silverfish.

The fact that silver bugs are primitive and they love eating sweet things makes them vulnerable to bait that lures these insects into the trap.

It is important to consider home remedies before going to stores to buy a commercial trap or insecticides. Traps are not the only natural, but are also the best ways of getting rid of silverfish from your pantry.

Below are common silverfish traps and baits you may consider to help you reduce insect numbers:

Types of Silverfish Traps & Baits

Glass Jar Traps for silverfish

The glass jar is commonly used to lure and trap silverfish. This trap is mostly straightforward but practically simple to set up. You can use a variety of jars from Mason, canning and glass jars found around your house.

Proceed to wrap the masking tape on the outside of your jar from the bottom upwards to cover the entire exterior surface and leave no part exposed. The masking tape provides walkway up the container since they cannot grasp the glass.

Put some bread in the container to act as baits. These creatures love sweet things, and once they sense food inside the container, silverfish will grasp the masking tape climbing up the glass and fall into the container.

They will be unable to get outside. Water may also be used to drown these insects.

This trap should be placed in areas they are commonly seen and should be placed at night because they usually roam at night. You can make several traps as you need and place them in several places to trap a whole lot of insects.

Wet Newspapers as Traps

Wet newspapers can be used to trick insects in ingenious ways taking them out of your home. Simply roll both sides of the newspaper to form a bundle and attach rubber bands on both sides to hold the bundle together.

Run bundled newspaper in water to wet and let dry a little before placing it in the appropriate area to trap insects overnight.

Silverfish will be drawn to the wet newspaper as the source of food. Dark bundles will provide them with an ideal habitat for hiding.

Ultimately, these insects would prefer to stay inside as they feast on the wet newspapers rather than moving back to where they came from.

You will definitely find a whole lot of silverfish in the newspaper in the morning. You may decide to burn the newspaper or even throw it in bins.

Commercial Traps for Silverfish in Homes

You may also fall back to purchase sticky trap from your local hardware stores if homemade traps fail to work. Commercial traps come in a broad range of shapes and sizes.

They are specifically designed to lure and trap silver bugs. These traps are sticky and have sweet smell for attracting silverfish. Once inside, they stuck onto sticky walls.

Common ones include:

  • Victor m256 Traps
  • Dekko Silverfish trap
  • Pest No More GP430 Silverfish

Buy Silverfish Traps and Baits

You can always buy silverfish traps from:

  • Local hardware stores
  • Online stores like Amazon

It is important to review traps online before buying. Some websites like Amazon have customer feedback which you can use to get an idea of traps that work well for your condition.

If you combine this knowledge with your unique condition, you are likely to buy a trap that will work in your situation.

Best Silverfish Repellents to Buy

It is advisable to conduct an online review of silverfish repellents before buying. Some sites have customer feedback you can use get an idea of traps that work well for your condition.

Then combine this knowledge with your unique condition to help choose sprays that suit your needs. You can purchase these sprays from:

  • Drugs stores and pharmacies
  • Amazon online stores- You will Dekko silverfish Paks, Zap-A-Roach Boric acid and Mad power.
  • Walgreens- You will have a variety of products like deep wood, Ultrathon, and babyganics

Silverfish Sprays to Kill Silver Insects

Citrus Spray – You make citrus spray at home by mixing lemons with lavender oil and combine with a little water and shake thoroughly. Spray the mixture into crevices and cracks as well as the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen sinks among other areas you may find silverfish.

However, occasional re-spray is recommended to stop silverfish invasion because, unlike insecticides, it does not last long.

Aerosol Insecticide – This is an effective insecticide for killing silverfish instantly. It is able to penetrate small gaps and cramped spaces in your home such as cracks and crevices where silverfish love to hide. It can last as long as three months after spraying.

Other than being cheap, this spray also comes in a variety of sizes. Remember that it is harmful and always use it in well-ventilated areas to avoid exposing your eyes and lungs.

Where to buy Silverfish Sprays

  • Amazon online stores
  • Drug stores and pharmacies
  • Walgreens

Essential Oils to Get Rid of Silverfish

Jane Clarke recommends the following essential oil. Jane is an expert in pest control from U.K based Panther, Pest Control Company.

  • Lavender oil
  • Cedar oil
  • Citrus oil
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Basil

Where to buy Essential Oils for Silverfish Removal

You can purchase essential oils from:

  • Drugs stores and pharmacies
  • Cosmetic shops
  • Amazon online stores
  • Walgreens

Diatomaceous Earth for Silverfish Removal

Diatomaceous Earth is an effective agent for silverfish eradication. Important things to write home about this earth are:

  1. It is made from crushed fossilized algae for killing bugs by dehydrating them to death within 48 hours.
  2. It contains silica for puncturing the waxy coating of the insect as they walk on it to deprive them of moisture to become dehydrated to die.
  3. Proper usage involves spreading this powder in pantry and dark areas of your house.

Where to Buy Diatomaceous Earth

  • Walgreens
  • Amazon stores
  • Drug stores and pharmacies
  • Cosmetic shops
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