How To Keep Mice Out Of Dog Food Bowl

Are you sick of having mice eat from your dog’s bowl, and you want to learn how to keep mice out of dog food bowl? You’re not alone!

According to studies, 68% of dog owners have at least once had to deal with mice sneaking into their dog’s food bowl. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered (as well as the food dish for your dog) with these humorous yet practical strategies to keep those annoying mice out.

8 Ways To Keep Mice Out Of Dog Food Bowl

1.      Keep Your House Clean

How To Keep Mice Out Of Dog Food Bowl - clean home
How To Keep Mice Out Of Dog Food Bowl – clean home

For those who are obsessed with cleanness, this one’s for you. In case you didn’t know, a spotless house is a mouse-free house.

Mice are less likely to move in with you if you keep your house neat, clean, and tidy (and let’s be honest, who likes mice as roommates anyway?).

So, pick up the broom and start cleaning. In the same way that mice can’t stand a clean floor, you shouldn’t stand a dirty one.

Maintain a clean feeding area for your dog, and you may wave goodbye to those bothersome mice. And never forget that a clean bowl makes a dog happy.

2.      Use a Tight-Fitting Lid to Cover the Dog Food

How To Keep Mice Out Of Dog Food Bowl - covered food

Putting a secure lid on your dog’s dish or bowl is the easiest way to prevent mice from eating your dog’s food.

This strategy is effective because it makes it more challenging for mice to get access to the food by physically blocking their path to the dish.

To use this method, just make sure the top of your dog’s food container is a tight fit. Use metal or hard plastic containers with secure closures if you want to be extra safe against mice.

It’s possible that this approach won’t work with dogs that are adept at opening containers and/or lids.

In addition, it serves no purpose if the lid is left open. Worry not, though; a simple reminder to close the lid is all that’s needed to keep the mice at bay.

3.      Use a Heavy Bowl

How To Keep Mice Out Of Dog Food Bowl - heavy bowl

One of the effective methods to keep mice out of your dog’s food bowl is to use a heavy bowl or dish.

This way it makes it difficult for mice to knock over the bowl and access the food, as the weight of the bowl will help keep it in place.

You just need to choose a heavy bowl or dish to use for your dog’s food. Ceramic or metal bowls work well, and you can also opt for bowls with suction bottoms to help keep them in place.

One potential drawback of this method is that it may be more difficult to clean heavy bowls or dishes as compared to lightweight ones.

Also, dogs who are particularly enthusiastic eaters may still manage to knock over a heavy bowl, so it’s important to supervise them while they eat. But don’t worry, a little extra effort is worth it to keep those pesky mice out of your dog’s food bowl.

4.      Use Elevated Food Bowls

How To Keep Mice Out Of Dog Food Bowl - elevated dog food bowl

Using elevated food bowls is another strategy to keep mice out of your dog’s food bowl.

Mice will have to climb up to the bowl using this method, making it harder for them to acquire the food.

Additionally, it makes it simpler for dogs to eat without having to bend down, which is beneficial for older or arthritic dogs in particular.

Food bowls that are lifted above the ground can be purchased or made on your own using bricks or wooden blocks. There are also elevated food stands in the market.

This method could have the disadvantage that little dogs might have problems getting to the food, making it unsuitable for them.

Elevated food dishes could also be more challenging to clean. But don’t worry, it will be worth it, in the long run, to keep mice out of your dog’s food bowl and to improve their dining experience.

5.      Block Off Entrances

How To Keep Mice Out Of Dog Food Bowl - block openings

Blocking off any potential entrances that mice might use to enter the room is a wonderful technique to keep mice out of your dog food bowl.

By physically stopping mice from getting inside your home, you can prevent them from getting into your dog’s food bowl.

To patch any holes or cracks in the walls or flooring close to the dog food bowl, use materials like steel wool, caulk, or expandable foam.

Additionally, it is advised that you inspect your home’s exterior walls and any pipes, vents, or other holes that could serve as mouse entry points.

Finding and sealing all potential entries needs some time and effort, which is one potential disadvantage of this approach.

As rats have larger teeth and can eat through the materials you will use to block off the openings, this strategy may not be helpful if you have a significant rodent infestation. Though rest assured that it’s a little cost to pay to keep mice out of your dog food bowl.

6.      Use mouse traps

How To Keep Mice Out Of Dog Food Bowl - mouse trap

Using mouse traps is a proven method to keep mice out of your dog’s food bowl. Traps will help you eradicate the mice presence and enjoy a mice-free home.

You can buy live capture or kill traps, and then set them up close to the dog’s bowl. Make sure you frequently check the traps and dispose any mice that are caught humanely.

This strategy may have the disadvantage of requiring regular trap maintenance and supervision. Furthermore, it will be seen as harsh if you don’t dispose of the captured mice humanely.

Additionally, you must keep the traps out of reach if you have kids or pets in your house to avoid unintentional contact.

7.      Serve Wet Food at Specific Times

How To Keep Mice Out Of Dog Food Bowl - wet food at scheduled time

Feeding your dog wet food at pre-defined times is a smart way to prevent mice from getting into the food bowl.

This way, less or no food is left out for mice to enjoy. To use this technique, schedule a fixed feeding time for your dog’s wet food each day. After that time, take away any food that hasn’t been consumed. To be reminded when it’s time to feed, you can also set a timer.

This approach could have the disadvantage that it might be more challenging to maintain a rigid feeding schedule, especially if you have a hectic schedule.

Additionally, this approach might not be appropriate if your dog has a medical condition that necessitates frequent feeding.

But don’t worry, a little more preparation will be worth it to prevent those annoying mice from getting into your dog’s food bowl. And keep in mind that if your dog is a fussy eater, you can always use a little creativity to make mealtime more enjoyable!

8.      Remove the Leftover Dog Food from the Bowl

How To Keep Mice Out Of Dog Food Bowl - remove leftovers

If you don’t want mice in your dog’s bowl, don’t keep leftover dog food out overnight.

Since mice are most active at night, it’s best to put away any uneaten food before retiring for the evening.

To follow this strategy, take any leftovers from the dish and put them in a sealed container before turning in for the night. To help you remember to put the food away, set a timer.

However, it can be hard to remind yourself to remove the leftovers every night, especially if you have a hectic lifestyle.

Furthermore, this approach may not work if your dog has a medical condition and needs regular feedings.


Say goodbye to those irritating mice with our selected methods. From keeping the area clean to using a heavy bowl, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t let those mice make a meal out of your dog’s food, implement these solutions and let the mouse party be somewhere else.

Remember, a mouse-free food bowl means a happy dog and a happy owner. So, put a lid on it, elevate it, trap it, schedule it, block it, but most importantly, enjoy it!