Bed Bugs at Great Wolf Lodge: Advisory Report

Does Great Wolf Lodge still have bed bugs in 2020? In this article the controversial issue or report on bed bugs at Great Wolf Lodge following the viral information on the social in the past that put the reputation of this chain of hotels at great risk.

The claim of Bed Bug Infestation at Great Wolf Lodge

Sensational claims were made on Facebook in June 2016 that there was a massive infestation of bed bugs in one of the hotels belonging to the Great Wolf Lodge chain of hotels.

In his post on social media platform Facebook, Brianna Am stated that he had witnessed bed bugs in the hotel room she had booked.

The customer also stated that she left the hotel after his son suffered from what appeared like bed bugs bites on the face.

What did the Great Wolf Lodge Management do?

The management of the hotels responded swiftly to rescue the hotel’s reputation that was at state, and which had through the post, suffered an immense beating. The hostel through a letter or statement on their website stated that:

  1. The picture posted did not depict bed bugs
  2. Three different experts (or groups of experts) had confirmed that the hotel in Massachusetts had not been infested by the bed bugs as claimed
  3. The customer had seen remains of a dead spider
  4. Qualified medical experts had confirmed that the bed bugs had not bitten the child.

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Bed bugs at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls

What is the current bed bug problem in Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls? Well this year, there haven’t been serious cases reported of bugs infestation in the hotels in this region.

Bed bugs at Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg VA

There has been any recent report of the infestation of these bugs in the hotel chain’s branch in Williamsburg VA.

However, if you have any recently updated information on the same, feel free to contact me or comment here below right away

Bed Bugs at Great Wolf Lodge Ohio

I am not sure if there is any reported case of bed bug infestation in the branches in Ohio. For example, some readers may be wondering how safe the branch in Mason Ohio is as of today.

Bed bugs at Great Wolf Lodge Poconos

The branch in Poconos is also one possible place that can raise questions on the safety insofar as the infestation is concerned. However, there isn’t any serious incident worth reporting for this branch. Feel free to give us feedback through the comments below.

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