Where do Bed Bugs Hide During the Day

Can you see Bed bugs during the day?

Well, there is a fallacy about bed bugs, which most of you believe up to date that these pests only come out at night to feast on human blood.  That is not true, because depending on the level of infestations, you can these opportunistic pests can come out even during the day to feed on a bloodmeal.

In places where they are in plenty, these pests do come out even during the day, especially if they sense the presence of a human being, to optimize on that chance to have their bloodmeal. Even so, it is indeed not easy to see these insects walking around in the open sun, they always remain hidden in dark areas.

However, there are some special cases, especially if they remain hidden in someone’s clothes and they wore them, when these pests do come out. In such cases, it becomes an embarrassment to those who have them, because others will be laughing at them.

Remember, these insects are usually associated with being dirty and thus, when people see them on you, they automatically create a misconception that you are dirty even if you are neatly dressed.

Where do Bed bugs Hide During the Day?

Several people do wonder where these parasitic insects do hide during the day because it may be hard to see them if they are not plenty in your place. These pests are exceptionally good in hiding and whenever you move near their hiding regions, they will quickly move to another area to avoid being found.

Nevertheless, according to those specialists who have dedicated their time in studying these insects, these animals like hiding in so many places around our houses.

They can hide in boxes, suitcases, shoes, socks, behind baseboards, in table and wall cracks, in folded areas of your bed, inside the mattresses, in any furniture that is next to your bed, and inside your duvet.

If you are keen enough you will notice that the above stated hiding places are all near their food supply. In essence, these insects will be in strategic hiding places, where they can easily have access to human beings so that they can have their blood meal and hurriedly return to their hiding place, whenever the lights are put on.

How to find Bed bugs during the day?

There are number of things you can do to find bed bugs during the day. The first one is removing all the beddings to an outside open field and leave them under the sun for several hours.

If these pests are hiding in the beddings, after a hot sun they will come out of their hiding places and you will see them.

The second thing you can do is spray kerosene and pour hot water onto open cracks on the walls and onto folded bed areas.

These regions are good hiding places for these parasites and therefore, when you pour these substances, they will quickly run out to find new safety areas and in that process, you will catch them.

The other way you can use to find these pests is by removing and checking the interior surface of the plates over light switches and electrical outlets. Please when doing this do not touch any wire because of the shock. If you see them inside the wiring boxes, you are advised to contact a pest control specialist.

If in your house there are any smoke detectors, clocks, phones, toys or any kind of small appliances within ten meters of any item that you discover that has these pests, you should make use of a touch to examine their interior through their openings.

Please remember that you are always advised not to open the electrical appliances if you are not an expert, because of the high risk of being shocked.

Where do bed bugs hide their eggs?

Certainly, it is not difficult to find the eggs of these pests. After copulating, the females lay oval, white eggs, which are approximately 1/16 inches long.  Usually, a single female bed bug can produce up to 250 eggs in her entire lifetime.

This is indeed worrying, because if you fail to control them, you can imagine the number of bed bugs that could be hiding in your house.

Majorly, you can find these eggs in crevices, wall cracks, and inside your bed folding. You are always required to remove the eggs and spray the areas with strong chemicals that can prevent the female bed bugs from laying their eggs in that region again.

Where do bed bugs hide on your body?

Basically, these parasites do not like our body heat. They, therefore, do not stick to our air or on our skin like ticks or lice, neither do they prefer remaining in your clothes because of the body heat.


Bed bugs can be seen during the day in areas, especially in areas where they are in large numbers. However, they do not like the day light and therefore, prefer hiding in dark areas such as in cracks, shoes, and in folded areas of your bed.

In these regions, for example, if you pour kerosene or hot water, these parasites will come out and you will see them, regardless of the time.

Also, it is in these same regions that the bed bugs prefer hiding their eggs and what is interesting even if they like feeding on our blood, these insects do not like our body heat, therefore they do not hide on our bodies as several people think.




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