Lice or Dandruff Quiz: How to Know if You Have Lice or Dandruff [Pictures]

Lice vs dandruff quiz

Do I have Lice? Read about the lice or dandruff quiz and learn how to differentiate between lice infestation and dandruff flakes scattered in the hair in this article. We examine various ways to accurately determine whether it is lice or dandruff using the lice vs. dandruff quiz. How do you know if you have … Read more

Best Head Lice Treatment for Long Thick Hair: Nits, US & UK

Head lice (louse) - view through a magnifying glass and human hair with head lice (louse).

What is the best head lice treatment for long thick hair? Well, there are many effective ways of dealing with head lice in your thick hair. You don’t have to shave your hair to deal with them! Here, I outline how to get rid of head lice nits fast, overnight, using super-fast approaches. This article … Read more

How to Remove Lice Eggs from Hair in One Day: Naturally & Quickly

macro of lice and eggs removing by stainless lice comb

What are the artificial or natural ways to remove lice eggs from the hair within 24 hrs? This article attempts to answer this question as clear as possible. As we all know, lice are notoriously difficult to get rid of more so if they have already laid eggs and have nymphs crawling on your scalp. … Read more

Where Do Lice Come from? Causes & Remedies

Head lice (louse) - view through a magnifying glass and human hair with head lice (louse).

Where do lice come from? Well, there are many sources or causes of head lice on hair or dogs. This article explains the origin and history of lice and the places where one can pick these cumbersome bugs. We will also examine the many ways to cure them, including natural remedies for lice eradication. So … Read more