How Long Do Fleas Live on Humans [Clothes & House]?

If you’ve ever had a flea infestation, you know how pesky and annoying they can be. But did you know that fleas can live on humans for up to two months?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the life cycle of a flea and what you can do to get rid of them. Thanks for reading!

How Long do Fleas Live on Humans?

Because of our high bodily temperatures, fleas can not take long when feeding on our blood. Never forget that feeding human blood usually happens only when these parasites are not able to locate their hosts for a long time.

Also, remember that these pests do not breed on human beings and therefore, they have to find their hosts as soon as possible to avoid reducing their numbers.

In that regard, scholars have reported that female cat fleas can take a maximum of 7.40 minutes on humans while males can not take above 4.40 minutes.

The same average time taken for cat fleas on people is assumed to be the average time taken by all other kinds of fleas that occasionally feed on a human blood meal.

How Long Can Fleas Live Underwater?

If you are living in a swampy area and think that you are safe from fleas then you are wrong. Naturally, fleas can survive for a maximum of seven days when dropped in deep water.

That basically means that if your pet had fleas and it passed in water and the fleas dropped in that water before seven days are over, the fleas can still attack your homestead.

Also, for those who use water to kill fleas in their homes, you should be informed that after submerging these parasites, they usually die after 24-25 hours.

With that regard, you are expected to leave, especially their larvae in water for over a day for you to be absolutely sure that you have exterminated them.

How Long Can Fleas live Without a Host Animal?

Animals such as cats and dogs are the favorite hosts for fleas. Without them, these parasites may end up dying resulting in a significant reduction in their populations.

However, before a flea dies of lack of access to its host, it can survive for up to more than one hundred days!How long do fleas live

Note, that without its host it means the insects lack their daily blood meal and for it to live for all those days it must be in an environment where it is not disturbed by anyone or anything.

According to several scholars who have studied the fleas, they note that the female parasites will live for all those days without a blood meal and during that time they will not lay even a single egg.

In other words, it means that without a blood meal of a flea’s specific host, the females will not produce eggs.

Still, immediately after they feed a blood meal, the females can lay eggs for a day or two. Therefore, this is a strong survival mechanism that even makes it hard for us to completely get rid of these infuriating parasites.

Fleas in an Empty House

How long can fleas live in an Empty House? This question may be answered differently by a number of people but according to me, it depends on whether there are any activities happening in that house or not.

If there are no kind of activities happening in that structure, it definitely means that the fleas are not being disturbed.  In such a case, these parasites can survive for up to three months.

However, if there are a lot of activities happening in that house, it means that these pests are frequently being distressed and that can result in their death.

In such instances, these pests can live for up to a maximum of seven days.

Where do fleas live in the house?

Certainly, for you to effectively get rid of these parasites from your homesteads you must have a clear understanding of where they hide. Especially, when they are not living with their host animals like cats and dogs.

These are the precise places where you can easily find fleas inside your living homes.

  1. Carpet: If you have a carpet, be alert because it is a nice place for these pests to thrive. Additionally, from this place, the fleas are able to easily attach to their hosts which usually take a rest on the carpets.
  2. Indoor plants: This is a good place for the pests to hide and survive for a long time without being noticed by anyone.
  3. Clothes: If you are the kind of person who heaps dirty clothes in one place for a long time before washing them or taking them to the laundry then you are creating a conducive environment for these parasites to invade your house.

Generally, just note that these parasites prefer the parts of the house that are moist and warm.

Best Flea Repellent for Humans

The optimal way to repel these parasites from your body is to maintain both your dog’s and your hygiene. But, in case the parasites have already invaded your house, the following are the top three best repellents you can use.

#1 The Avon Aloe Vera

This product is mainly sold by Amazon. com at an affordable price, but you can also find it in your nearest store as long as it is authorized by the government to sell it.

Instead of DEET, the Avon Aloe Vera, contains picaridin, an agent that can repel these parasites for up to eight hours after application.

#2 Bugs BeGone

This agent comprises six distinct kinds of oils that have a strong aroma, which to the fleas is disturbing but to us is pleasing.

It is recommended that we apply Bugs BeGone before and after handling our pets. The product can be found in any licensed store near you.

#3 3M Ultrathon

This is the most effective repellent that has been recommended by numerous flea researchers.

The product comprises 34.34% DEET. With this product applied efficiently you can stay a happy life free of any disturbance by these parasites.

FAQs on Flea Lifespan

Indeed, it is not easier to answer all the questions concerning these parasites, but I will attempt to answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Fleas but no pets – Why?

Without pets, fleas can survive on human blood meal or can survive for above 120 days if they are not disturbed. This is a survival mechanism that these pests have adapted to survive in case they are not near their hosts.

Can humans bring fleas into the house?

Yes, if an individual visited a neighbor who has pets that are infested with these parasites then definitely, he or she will bring them into your home.

Or, it is that an individual visited wildlife that has these parasites and they attached to him or her.

Will fleas go away without pets?

No, they will remain in hiding for several days, about three months. Also, remember these parasites can survive on human blood but the only limitation is that they will not breed.

Can fleas travel through walls and vents?

Yes, they can travel to those places to find their hosts. However, that can only happen as long as they have smelled their presence in that location.

Are fleas everywhere outside?

No, they are only found in places that are moist and warm. For instance, if your place has many shrubs and untrimmed trees, then you can expect to find these pests in such locations.

Can Fleas reproduce without pets?

Absolutely they cannot reproduce without their hosts. The fleas need the host blood meal to effectively lay eggs and reproduce.

Do I have fleas or am I just paranoid?

If you are experiencing itches all over your body, sometimes even after washing your body, and you have pets or your neighbors’ pets like coming to your place, then possibly you are having fleas.

How long do fleas live after frontline?

Basically, it can take up to 24 hours to effectively kill the fleas. However, if after a frontline you ensure that your pets do not get wet, then the time the fleas live can be shortened up to less than 15 hours.

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