Home Remedy for Ants: Baking Soda & Vinegar     

Kill ants with Baking soda at home

Across the world, several people are searching for the most effective and affordable home remedy that can help in eliminating ants from their buildings. While doing that, most of you have forgotten about the baking soda, a product that is most likely to be found in most households.

As I was doing my research, I found out several people asking this question “does baking soda kill ants?” I was indeed shocked to hear that because for a long that this product has been in use as a home remedy against killing different types of ants.

How to use

All you need when you want to make use of the baking soda to exterminate the ants is water, a plastic cup and spoon, powdered sugar, and the baking soda.  If you have all these things, you are good to go to the next step of making the ant killer soda.

First, you are supposed to take a clean plastic cup and add sugar (approximately five spoons) into it.  In case you do not have the powdered sugar, you are free to make use of the regular sugar. However, when you use the common sugar, there is a higher likelihood that the ants will pick the sugar grains and leave the baking soda.

After that you should add the baking soda into the plastic cup containing the powdered sugar.  The parts of baking soda and baking soda should be equal.  In other words, if you add five spoons of sugar, then definitely you will add five spoons of soda.

Once you have placed the two components in the plastic cup, you are required to mix them very well by adding water.  When mixing you are supposed to ensure that there is no part that will allow the ants to eat the sugar without the soda.

After, you have prepared the ant killer mixture, you are expected to bait the ants using the mixture. For instance, you can place a small portion of your mixture in doors and windows or any other place that you thing the ants will access the mixture easily.

After consuming the baking soda, the ants will die.  Basically, the theory behind the use of soda is that when the base in the soda interacts with the acidic compounds found in ants, there is likely to be an explosion, which results to the extermination of these creatures.


There are several advantages of applying baking soda to eradicate ants from your home. The first is with regard to the accessibility and cost of the soda.  Indeed, the soda is easily accessible in our homes because it is not costly to buy. Because of that, you can even borrow it from your neighbor incase you do not have enough of it.

Secondly, the soda is not poisonous to humans and pets. Therefore, you can freely apply the soda at any time of the day to ensure that the ants are kept away from your house.

Thirdly, this compound is fast in exterminating the ants. Certainly, because of the high acid-base reactions that occur in the ant’s body after consuming the soda, several ants can be killed within a minute.  Therefore, as long as you have applied accordingly, it is the fastest means of getting rid of those disturbing creatures.


The primary drawback of applying the soda is that if you do not have a powdered sugar then the rate of failure is high. Making use of a regular sugar instead of powdered sugar, allow the ants to eat sugar grains without consuming the soda and that result to a great wastage of your products.

Killing ants with baking soda and sugar

Generally, sugar is used to attract ants because of their great love for sugar. Therefore, in the event of consuming sugar, the ants also eat soda, especially if it is well mixed with sugar and that results to their demise.

How to remove ants in the House using Vinegar

Characteristically, vinegar has an odor that greatly repels ants. If the ants are giving you sleepless nights in your building, all you should do is prepare a mixture of vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio.

After that you can either use a spray container to sprinkle the mixture onto the ants directly or prepare cotton balls sprayed with vinegar.  You should place the balls in different parts of your premise to get rid of these parasites.

How to remove ants using Borax

To effectively exterminate disturbing ants using borax do the following.  Mix borax with sugar in a container, then add lukewarm water and mix until these compounds are completely thawed.

Afterwards, you should soak several cotton balls in that solution. After which you will set the balls in strategic locations where you usually see the ants.  The sugar in the balls will entice the ants and the borax will exterminate them after they consume it.

Homemade ant repellent

You can make repellent of your choice using vinegar, or essential oils such as peppermint and lemon.  All you are required to do is to make solutions of these compounds and spray them across your house and the ants will no longer disturb you.

Home remedies for ants outside the house

If you want to get rid of ants that are loitering outside your house then you will have to do the following.  Prepare solutions of either baking soda, essential oils, boric acid, vinegar, or liquid dish soap.  Spray the solutions around your house to scare away the ants from coming into your premises.

Other Home remedies for ant infestation

Have you ever tried cayenne pepper to get rid of ants? The pepper has a strong pungent smell that destroys the ant’s trail pheromones, which they use to move from and back to their nests.  Definitely, if the ants fail to make it back to their constructions then the chance of survival is minimal.

The application of chalk and flour eliminates ants using the same mechanism as cayenne pepper.


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