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Head Lice Treatment Shampoo: Best Reviews & How to Use

Can I use shampoo to get rid of head lice and nits from my hair? Yes, there are effective head lice shampoos out there to help you get rid of these stubborn bugs. In this article, I review the common best head lice shampoo brands. I will also briefly explain how to use them on nits. Finally, I will inform you where to buy the best shampoo for head lice removal.

What is Anti-lice Shampoo

Anti-lice shampoo is a remedy or an agent used to prevent and treat head lice. Common anti lice shampoo have repellent and suffocating effects on lice.

Since head lice is attracted to human smell, anti-lice shampoos with repellents characteristics works by masking the smell to make us unattractive to head lice.

Head lice are known to move at a faster rate between the hairs, and smothering shampoos works by stunning the parasites to slow down its movement for easy detection and combing out.

There are a variety of anti-lice shampoos in the market today that can effectively eliminate these disgusting creatures from your hair.

Common examples of ice killing agents are pyrethrin, lindane, malathion and permethrin shampoos which can be purchased over the counter in most drugstores.

It is unfortunate that not all treatments in the market are effective. In fact, a good number of over the counter treatments have become ineffective mainly due to the immunity of the parasite as a result of repeated exposure.

For those that work, always follow instructions on the label and prescriptions for positive results.

How to Use Nit Shampoo

If applied properly, lice shampoo are likely to produce positive results. This means the need to follow instructions on product label among other general and specific guidelines such as shakimg the bottle before use.

  • Checking for ingredients is critical in ascertaining the active ingredients within the products such as pyrethrin and permethrin.
  • For wet hair shampoos, dripping should be avoided- its should be damp but not dripping.
  • Always desist from applying conditioner and regular creams beforehand as this could reduce effectiveness of the shampoo.

On how to use nit shampoo, the procedure could vary depending on the type of shampoo. However, general guidelines on how to apply over the counter pyrethrin and permethrin shampoo products is as shown here below:

Step 1: Start by wrapping the towel around the shoulders or anything to protect your body from getting wet or stained.

Step 2: Hold the towel over your face to protect your eyes from any harmful effects of the shampoo

Step 3: Put on rubber gloves if you have any scracthes and cuts on your hands to protect the infiltration and effects of shampoo chemicals.

Step 4: Apply shampoo on the hair- massage from hair roots to the ends until your entire hair and scalp is fully saturated in shampoo. The focus should be on the hairlines situated behind ears and back of the neck where these parasites concentrate.

Step 5: Leave shampoos on your hair for about ten minutes

Step 6: Wash and rinse your hair according to instructions on the product.

Step 7: Repeat the process after some days as stated on product label- Most products recommend repeat application after ten days, but nine days is recommended by American Academy of Pediatricts.

Note: You may comb your hair after treatments and change clothes after combing out and. In order to tell whether treatment is working, you may try thorough comb out a few hours after the initial treatment. Treatment is working if you notice a slow moving live head lice.

However, if the lice appears to be active, then shampoo may not be working. If instructions were correctly followed yet there is no positive results, probably the lice have developed resistance to the applied treatment.

Consult your doctor to suggest appropriate treatment. Note that lice shampoo only kills between 70-80 per cent of nits, and the rest can be removed through proper comb outs.

Where to Buy Head Lice Shampoo

Looking for where to buy head lice shampoo? Well, there are many places you can get these anti-lice products. Below are just some of the stores and online portals where one can purchase the brand they like.

Head Lice Shampoo CVS

CV pharmacies have a wide range of lice killing shapoos among other lice prevention and treatment remedies. You can also shop online for  a range of lice shampoos at CVS.com for use at home.

Key products include Rid shampoo, CVS lice killing shampoo with maximum strength, lice-free spray for instant lice head treatment, lice cure maximum strength for killing lice and lice removal and solution kits.

You will also find products like Nitty Gritty shampoo, Lyclear shampoo, Full mark spray shampoo, Hendrin shampoo and Derbac shampoo for killing live lice.

These varieties have different ingredients suitable for different conditions including long and short hair, kids and adult, healthy and ailing persons, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers among allergic and other conditions.

Buyers have also the opportunity to get instructions on how to use these products properly from doctors at CVs pharmacy.

Head Lice Shampoo Walmart

Head lice shampoo Walmart comprise a variety of lice treatment  shapoo product and lice complete kits at affordable price.

You will definately come across lice killing brands like lice shield, lice free sprayBayer RID, equate maximum strength and lice MD as well as Nix Familly pack for lice killing, Vamousse lice treatment and vamousse lice protection.

Many varieties with different ingredients will provide you with freedom to chose suitabe and bets shampoo for your condition.

Head Lice Shampoo Walgreens

You can find a variety of lice killing shampoos products in Walgreen stores at affordable price. You will finds brands like RID, Walgreens stop lice, lice shiled retailing, Vamousse lice shampoo, So Cozy Boo lice prevention, and lice free Gel and shampoo for head lice treatment.

These products have a price range of $6.99-25 and comes with asosciated lice conditioner, lice treatment kits and lice combs.

Besides lice killing products, you can also find a variety of lice remedies including lice spray and shampoos with repelling effects for lice prevention.

There is also an electronic lice comb for safe killing of lice on contact and without using any chemicals.

Reviews of Common Head Lice Shampoo Brands

There are many lice shampoo brands on the market today. Here below, I review some of the common brands you can find in the store nearest to you.

Derbac Lice Shampoo Review

Online reviews reveals several parents reporting that Derbac has produced positive results in head lice treatment in their children. The rating is 5/5 stars.

Derbac is a liquid shampoo for killing live head lice, but cannot kill nits becuase it cannot penetrate its harder shell.

This head lice killing shampoo is effective when it is applied to dry hair untill it is wet and treatment should be repeated one week after the initial application.

However, lice treatment and preventing future lice attack require treating the entire household members. In this regard, a larger bottle is recommended by most users for saving the cost.

Full Marks Lice Shampoo

Full marks solution has also been hailed by several parents as an one of the most effective lice killing and preventing agents in the market today.

Full Marks comes with a variety of products from spray shampoo to detecctor comb which are essential for lice treatment.

The solution has suffocating properties which slows down movement of lice in the hair for easier catching throug the lice comb. The product is cost effective- 5ml lotion of Full mask is enough one treatment.

While the spray format is the most convenient, it is also the most costly option among these products considering the price per ml.

Hendrin Lice Shampoo review

Hendrin provides a range treatments for head lice hailed by several people. Hendtin comes with range of lotions that are applied to hair and rinsed after about eight hours.

This is then followed with shampoo treatment using the gel and mousse then dried and left to work as you go about your daily activities.

According to reviews, the physical properties suffocates and dehydrate the parasite to death. The Protect & Go product by Hendrin is also an effective spray for preventing and killing lice infestation. This spray works by dissolving the wax coat of the lice ultimately dehydrating them to death.

Using this product twice a week after your normal hair washing could help eliminate head lice. Furthermore, the prices are also affordable to many people- they cost as low as $5.10 for 50ml lotion- enough to be applied twice a week.

It also saves money, particularly Treat & Go and 250ml liquid Hendrin Once are the cheapest formats on the basis of price per ml.

Even though convenient and easier to use, Mousse and Treat & Go spray are the most costly formats. For the whole family treatment, the 150ml lotion is the cheapest to go with.

Lyclear Lice Shampoo

Lyclear brand comes with a broad range of products from spray, creme rinse, shampoo and lotion for various types of skin.

The physical action of Lyclear kills lice and eggs through suffocation and dehydrating action. This products have a high rating from customer reviews- 4/5 stars.

The prices are also affordable- ranging from as low as $5 for 56ml creme rinse- enough for for one minute treatment. However, ten minute shampoo used on dry hair is priced about $13.

However, the 200ml shampoo is cost effective based on RRP – it is close to half the price per ml compared the cost of spray.

Nitty Gritty Brands Lice Shampoo

Nitty Gritty Brands head lice shampoo hailed for its nit comb and also lice treatment and is free from pesticide. It comes in kits comprising a nit comb, solution and defense spray.

These brands are effective – with a rating of 4/5 stars. Defense spray has the capacity to mask the aroma of your hair to make it unattractive to the head lice.

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