Permethrin für Bettwanzen - Tötet Permethrin Bettwanzen?

Using permethrin for bed bugs can be an effective method to get rid of bed bugs at home. Whether in spray, cream or powder form permethrin is used extensively by professional pest control companies.

What is Permethrin?

By definition, permethrin is a chemical compound of the pyrethroid family commonly used in the extermination of household pests and parasites including bed bugs, mites, and lice.

It is a synthetic compound which means it is artificially manufactured to imitate the functioning of naturally occurring compounds.

There has been a continuing debate on whether permethrin is still an effective alternative for bed bug eradication.

Can Permethrin Kill Bed Bugs

Yes, Permethrin kills bed bugs. It was long considered one of the best chemicals used to kill bed bugs. It comes in the form of sprays, creams, or even powders.

The choice for any of these forms depends on what exactly you would like to use them for.

Permethrin Spray for Bed Bugs

Permethrin sprays are one of the most effective bed bug treatments at home. In recent studies in The Journal of Economic Entomology und Medscape, the insecticide in the form of a spray can be very useful in dealing with persistent strains of bed bugs.

This is even more effective when you hit them while they are still in cracks and crevices on walls and furniture. An example of effective bed bug spray is commonly known as RID Home Lice, Bed Bug & Dust Mite Spray

Permethrin Cream for Bedbugs

Can Permethrin cream be used for bed bugs? Yes, if you are not comfortable with sprays, you can always opt for permethrin creams.

The limitation with the cream is the fact that you would have to apply it manually on surfaces and areas you believe bed bugs hide or pass, which may take time. However, if it is done right, this can be the real deal when dealing with these bugs.

You may also apply the cream on mattresses, for example, to repel the bed bugs so that you get sound sleep. However, care should be taken to minimize direct contact with the cream for long hours.

Permethrin concentration for bed bugs

If you need to exterminate bed bugs using permethrin, then it is important you find out the suitable concentration of mixture that would achieve a high rate of efficacy. The recommended concentration for the bed bugs is below 20-40%.

Permethrin Bed Bugs Effectiveness

The question that everyone wants to know now is none other than is permethrin effective in killing bed bugs?

Well, there is an increasing amount of research suggesting that over time permethrin is slowly becoming ineffective in dealing with stubborn pests such as bed bugs.

This is attributed to the increasing resistance due to misuse of the pesticides which give the pests an opportunity to adapt to the harmful effects of the insecticides.

Is Permethrin Safe?

Well, there has been an increasing concern for the safety of using permethrin for extended periods within homes. These concerns stem from the proven effect the chemical compound has on pets.

For humans, permethrin is reportedly still safe for use. However, that notwithstanding it is still important to use it with lots of care because the compound has been in use for less than 50 years.

It is prudent to stay awake for any new research findings on the effects this pyrethroid compound has on human beings.

For pets, permethrin has several negative effects that have been reported in overall studies carried out by authoritative bodies. For instance, it has been found that permethrin can kill cats, or even affect the way they walk.

Also, both dogs and cats exposed to high concentrations of permethrin have shown awkward behaviors which include twitching paws and sneezing. It would be wise to not use it if you have pets in your home.

FAQs on Permethrin for Bed Bugs

Our readers have any questions that may not be clearly answered in the text. That is why in this section we have documented some of the frequently asked questions concerning the use of permethrin for bed bug control.

Does permethrin repel bed bugs?

Yes, as it has been documented earlier in this article, permethrin is an effective bed bug repellant. So you shouldn’t hesitate to use permethrin safer to keep these vampire bugs away from your house

Does Permethrin kill bed bugs at home?

Yes, permethrin is effective for bed bug extermination at home in whichever form it is used. However, sprays are known to reach the bugs hiding in crevices faster than creams.

Can I use permethrin cream on bed bug bites?

Well, the safety of using permethrin directly on the skin for bug bites is not clearly documented. As a result, it is advisable not to use it on the skin.

However, using it on the mattress or other household items may be more effective because it kills bed bugs, and is not for healing bug bites.

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