Get Rid of Gophers and Moles & Voles with Juicy Fruit Gum

Killing moles using chewing gum

The fact that moles can eat gums is a hot debate amongst scholars. Those who believe that moles do eat the gums have a hypothesis, which they think is correct and supports their ideology that the gums do kill the moles.

The hypothesis is that providing sweet gums to the moles will entice them to eat them, afterwards, the rodents will experience difficulties with digesting the gums, hence dying.

Those of opposite opinion believe that the moles after eating can indeed dye due to digestion complications, but their theory is that the gums do not have enticing constituents that can make the moles to consume it.

That directly means, if they do not consume it then definitely, they will not dye. Thus, further research with regard to the interconnection between moles dying and not dying after consuming gums needs to be done.

Does Juicy Fruit Gum kill Gophers & Moles?

Indeed, it does kill these ground rodents that are quite disturbing and destructive.  I understand that most people are asking themselves this question- can juicy fruit gum kill moles? Basically, because that is still a theory that an individual can only prove after testing it by him or herself.

According to several scholars this approach of controlling these rodents is classified under the home remedies of controlling destructive underground rodents, which has been in use since time immemorial.

How to kill moles & Gophers using Chewing gum

If you are interested on applying this method in controlling the moles and grophers in your farm, then you should do the following. Firstly, you need to understand the basic concept under the application of this technique- the moles will consume the gum, afterwards it will gum up and cause digestion difficulties, resulting to death.

Secondly, you need to buy a gum that has a fruit flavor. Typically, these rodents do like gums that are only of the fruit taste. You can buy the gums at any store that is near you. After that you are supposed to cut the gums into tiny pieces.

Then dig holes into the interconnections of tunnels, which these rodents do use to move around. Onto each hole drop one piece of the juicy fruit gum.  After five days repeat the same procedure, while examining if or not the rodents have eaten the gums.

If, after a month, the rodents would not have eaten the gums then you do not expect them to begin eating.  Therefore, after this, you are advised to try another approach, because that one will definitely not work. However, if the rodents would have eaten the gums, then expect to find them dead, when yo dig up their tunnels.

How does Juicy Fruit Gum get Rid of Gophers?

Basically, if you start seeing gophers running in your farm, then start to dig holes into their tunnels and drop small pieces of gums into it.  The gophers will consume the gum and afterwards it will develop digestion complications or constipation.

As you know gums are usually indigestible, meaning they will form a crump of gums inside the digestive system of the gophers. This will definitely hinder the process of digestion, which will directly affect the normal body functioning of the gopher’s body system, hence resulting to their death and elimination from your yard.

Other simple ways to remove Gophers, Moles & Voles

In case you have tried the above method of using gums to kill the rodents and it has failed, you can try any of the following approaches to eliminate them from your yard.

Killing gophers with dry ice

The application of dry ice to eliminate gophers from your farm has been tested and verified by a number of scholars.  You can buy the ice at store that is authorized to sell ice and other food supplies.  The reason why dry ice is applied in killing gophers is because of its carbon dioxide, when it sublimates.

Gophers hate carbon dioxide, and therefore, when you introduce the dry ice into their tunnels you cut off the oxygen supply, henceforth killing them.

Remove gophers with castor oil

Castor oil is basically applied as a repellent of these rodents but not to directly kill them. The procedure of preparing a mixture of castor oil and any kind of dish soap is simple. You just need to add the two into a container having water, then mix well.

The solution is then poured out into the open field, and that directly helps in sending the target rodents out of your farm. Remember the oil do not harm the rodents in any away, it is only a repellent.

Destroy gophers using propane

The use of this approach is indeed easy because all you need to do is blow the tunnels of these rodents and those inside will be exterminated. Basically, you just pour a small volume of propane into the tunnel and ignite it to kill the target rodents.

Get rid of gophers with water

This approach is easy as long as you have access to a large amount of water. All you need to do is to connect your garden hosepipe to a tank containing water and flood it into the gophers’ tunnel.  The rodents will be killed by excessive water or they will come out and you will kill them physically.

Get rid of gophers without killing them

There are various approaches you can use to eliminate the gophers from your farm without exterminating them. For instance, you can flood their tunnels with water using your garden hose or use the rodent burrow detonators to force them out of their tunnels.

Remove gophers with mothballs

The application of mothballs has been under use for a long time. Basically, you are required to drop the mothballs into the tunnels and then cover it with a plastic covering. After sometime, the mothball will decompose releasing a poisonous gas, which the rodents will inhale and be exterminated.

When do gophers come out of their holes?

Gophers do come out of their tunnels primarily when they have been attacked by other predators such snakes. Or when their tunnels have been flooded with water or a poisonous gas such as carbon dioxide has been introduced into their tunnels.  Otherwise, under normal conditions, it is not easy for these underground rodents to come out.


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