Borsäure zur Vernichtung von Silberfischchen

Silverfish are irritating pests that no one would like to tolerate in their homes or area of residence. These pests are well known for their disparaging feeding habits, in most instances, ruining clothing, papers, and wallpapers. Certainly, people have been trying to find the optimal agent that can kill silverfish, and one of such compounds is Boric acid, which is, in fact, the main focus in this article, so keep reading.

Does Boric acid kill Silverfish?

Yes, Boric acid exterminates irritating silverfish. Maybe, before we continue, it is good if we discuss a few basics such as where it occurs about Boric acid. Well, Boric acid can be found naturally in volcanic ash, seawater, some plants, and almost all fruits.

It is also found in numerous minerals like borax. In some pharmacies and hardware stores, you can get it. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t confuse it with commercial borax, because this is just a disinfectant and will not exterminate silverfish.

Having noted this, keep in mind that Boric acid has been in use a silverfish controlling compound since 1948 when the US Environmental Protection Agency approved it.

Clearly, it is, therefore, a strong killer of these pests, because if it wasn’t, it couldn’t be still in use today.

In the subsequent sections, we will explain how the agent works to kill the pest and some of the key brands that are being sold today.

How to kill Silverfish using Boric acid

The process of killing silverfish using Boric acid cannot be successful if you are using the wrong procedure to apply the insecticide.

Luckily you are not going to use a wrong procedure in your next application of this agent in addressing the problem of silverfish from your place because we have listed you all the steps you need to follow.

The First Step – Mixing

The application of Boric acid requires you to plan well from the first step to the end.  In this initial step, do the following:

  • Place some water on your stove and boil it.
  • Mix the hot water with a small amount of Boric acid. The ratio of water to the acid depends on the area you want to apply the agent.
  • After, it has cooled down, but the resulting solution into the spray bottle.

The Second Step – Spraying

Most people consider spraying an easy task, which can be done anyhow, but that is entirely wrong.  Doing it in the right way and the right place will help you accomplish the objective of killing silverfish.

In that regard, you should direct your spray to the following areas, where the pests hide the most.

  • Baseboards
  • Any zone you can see silverfish activity
  • Surfaces linked to areas where paper or food are kept
  • Under pipes and drains
  • Dark areas- indeed, silverfish prefers dark regions, so that they cannot be seen. So, take this advantage and spray under fixtures, behind furniture, or in closets.

The Third Step – Baiting

In case, the above steps appear tiresome to you, try setting bait for silverfish. Do the following to attain that:

  • Mix starch or sugary food and powdered Boric acid
  • Place this food in places that you suspect silverfish are hiding.
  • Sprinkle some powder of this insecticide around your food
  • When silverfish try to eat the food, it will come into contact with Boric acid, which will kill it.

How Boric acid works

Having looked on how to apply Boric acid, it is now important that we understand how it works. When it is liquid, as in the one we spray, the acid has a poisonous activity, when ingested by silverfish.

In particular, it destroys their exoskeletons, resulting in their demise.

If you use it in a powdered form, the poisonous effects as in liquid form remain, but the powder acid also dehydrates the shielding outer shell of silverfish as soon as it comes into contact with the acid.

Now over the acid also acts as a repellent of silverfish, because of its scent. Additionally, once the other silverfishes detect that they are being killed, they can send signals in the form of pheromones, warning other silverfish not to come to that region.

That way, the acid is therefore actively working as a repellent.

Common Boric Acid Brands to kill silverfish

Since the use of Boric acid as a silverfish killing agent was approved, several years have passed. Over those years, people have come up with various brand names and compounds that contain boric acid to aid in the killing of this pests.

Usually, the main reason for branding is to sell more of this agent to the people in various parts using brand names that they are familiar or associate with.

Again, some people add other compounds to enhance the activity of Boric acid in killing silverfish.  The common brand of this acid is discussed in the following section.

Harris Boric acid roach and silverfish killer powder w/lure

This brand can be purchased online at or any other store that has been authorized to sell the compound.  The following are the most intriguing features of this brand:

  • It is a long-lasting compound- you just need to apply it once, and it will continue killing silverfish for weeks.
  • Easy to apply- the insecticide is packaged in a bottle that will make it easier for you to apply it in any areas.
  • It is a fast-acting brand – once silverfish has come into contact with this agent, it will die within the next 72 hours.

N/B: When applying this compound, kindly take precautionary measures so that you do not harm yourself. It may cause some allergic reactions to you. So, make sure that you take care when applying it.

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