Beste Möbelsprays gegen Läuse (5 Sprays zum Kaufen)

If you are experiencing a problem of lice infestation in your home, specifically on furniture, the best and recommended solution is to pick on the bestes Möbelspray gegen Läuse.

Treating furniture exposed to lice using the best brand of furniture spray for lice listed below will save you from any discomfort that may be caused by this lice while using your furniture.

Do lice sprays work on furniture?

We all know hair sprays work for head lice on the hair, especially if they are manufactured for that specific purpose. However, the question arises if such sprays can kill lice on other surfaces such as furniture or beddings.

Well, lice sprays work perfectly in eliminating lice on furniture if they are applied appropriately according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some of the best lice-killing sprays for furniture have been reviewed in this article for you to check before making a purchasing decision.

The Top-Rated Furniture Sprays for Lice in [2023]

If you are looking for what to spray on furniture for lice infestation, then you should start by checking out the following:

#1. LiceLogic Household Lice Spray for Furniture

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LiceLogic Household Lice Spray for furniture is the most suitable for buyers for its natural formula to safety and can effectively kill all lice and nits. This brand is nontoxic hence suitable for home use on furniture.

The product is safe to apply on any surface that may have come into contact with lice or has the potential to do so. Therefore it can be considered as an all-purpose lice spray.

Lice Logic Clear for furniture are biodegradable and proudly made in the USA. This, therefore, means it is the best choice for anyone looking for natural lice spray for furniture.


  • The product is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • This product is safe for daily use and can be used often.
  • They are biodegradable
  • Capable of cleaning away lice and nits on contact
  • This product is clinically proven to kill all lice and nits within a second.
  • Apart from the furniture, the products can be used for helmets carpets and other surfaces.


  • Some users claim that the product does not kill lice on furniture instantly.
  • Its peppermint scent can be harmful to allergic users.
  • Some users do not like it because it lacks pesticides, parabens, and artificial colors.

#2. Licefreee Home Spray – Non-staining treatment for Furniture

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Licefreee Home Spray is a suitable product to get rid of your furniture lice because it is designed for home use, and non-food areas such as schools, nursing homes, car interiors among other surfaces.

The product has a 100% guaranteed satisfaction on getting rid of furniture lice. This product is easy to use as it does not require any technological know-how. it is one of the best lice treatment for furniture and bedding.

Licefree ingredients include Natrum Muriaticum 2X (an active ingredient), Fragrance (for an appealing smell), Benzyl alcohol (a preservative), Purified water (as a solvent medium), and Poloxamer 188.


  • Many users have confirmed that this product can kill lice 100% hence the most reliable.
  • Apart from furniture, the product can kill lice on beddings, and non-washable items.
  • Can kill lice instantly by contact.
  • The product consists of naturally occurring chemicals found in orange peel oil to kill lice and nits on contact.
  • It is an original non-toxic lice brand.
  • It contains a natural formula that is non-staining.
  • The product has a pleasant citrus scent.


  • Some of its users claim that the product consists of harmful pesticides.
  • The lice and nits can re-infest even after using the product.
  • Some users claim that the citrus scent of the product affects them after a prolonged scent.

#3. MDX Concepts Organic Lice Killer for Furniture

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MDX Concepts Organic Lice Killer is a suitable product for buyers who want to get rid of the nuisance effect of lice on the furniture. The product consists of a natural organic and non-toxic ingredient that can eliminate lice on contact.


  • MDX Concepts Organic Lice Killer is a stain-free product.
  • The product has a natural organic ingredient suitable for home use.
  • This product can kill lice on your furniture at all stages.
  • Apart from treating lice from furniture, this brand is also suitable for beddings.
  • This brand can kill lice from all areas including clothes, packages among others.
  • The product caters to your child’s and pet’s safe due to its organic nature.


  • Some users complain about the lice re-infest even after the application on their furniture.
  • It is not guaranteed for children’s and pets’ safety, there have been complaints about its harmful effect if it comes in contact with food.

#4. SoCozy Boo! Lice Scaring Spray for Furniture

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SoCozy Boo! Lice Scaring Spray is the most suitable brand for buyers who want to scare away lice. This brand is clinically proven to repel lice.

It consists of ingredients such as Rosemary Extract and Keratin suitable for eliminating lice. Amazon has numerous positive SoCozy Boo lice prevention spray reviews which confirm how this product is popular among users.

It is manufactured by the same people who brought you SoCozy Boo leave-in spray, conditioner, and shampoo.


  • The product is non-sticky thus cannot leave stains to your furniture
  • It has a fresh scent that can please many of its users.
  • Apart from treating furniture lice, the brand is also suitable for clothes.
  • The product is free from nasty ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and synthetic colors among others.
  • It is nontoxic when handled averagely well.


  • According to some users, the product may not be 100% effective.
  • It is not 100% nontoxic as it can be harmful when it comes to contact with food.

#5. Eco Defense Lice Treatment for Furniture

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If you want to get rid of lice not only on your furniture but also around your environment, Eco Defense Lice Treatment is the best brand to pick.

This product is clinically proved to eliminate lice and nits on your furniture on contact.


  • The product can kill and repel lice from all areas apart from furniture including clothes, and luggage among others.
  • Kills lice on contact.
  • This brand does not cause stains on your furniture.
  • The product contains a money-back guarantee.
  • It is made using natural, organic, and non- toxic ingredients.


  • Some users complain from re-infestation of lice even after application
  • It does not kill all lice on your furniture.

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