Tötet Advocate alle Würmer (bei Katzen und Hunden)?

No one can dispute the importance of keeping our yards and gardens free of pesky worms. Advocate is a popular pesticide that is supposed to kill all types of worms.

But does it really work? Let’s take a closer look at Advocate and see how it fares against the competition.

Does Advocate Kill Worms?

Yes, Advocate kills worms by interfering with their nerve cells, which ultimately causes paralysis and death.

Worms are parasites that live in the gut of dogs and cats and can cause serious health problems. Advocate is a monthly spot-on treatment that kills adult worms as well as larvae, helping to protect pets from worm infection.

Advocate is safe and effective, and is the only product of its kind to receive full veterinary approval.

Does Advocate kill lungworm?

Yes, Advocate does kill lungworm. It is a monthly preventative treatment for dogs that kills fleas, heartworm, roundworm, hookworm, and whipworm.

Advocate also protects against the transmission of zoonotic parasites, which means they can be passed from pets to people.

Does Advocate kill heartworm?

Yes, Advocate kills heartworm. Advocate is a monthly topical preventative that kills adult fleas, prevents flea eggs from hatching, prevents heartworm and 3 types of intestinal worms in dogs.

Does Advocate kill tapeworms?

Yes, Advocate is effective in killing tapeworms. Advocate is a combination of two active ingredients, imidacloprid, and moxidectin.

Imidacloprid belongs to the class of chemicals called neonicotinoids, which are known to be highly effective in controlling a wide variety of parasites.

Moxidectin is a macrocyclic lactone that is also effective against a wide range of parasites. When used together, these two ingredients provide an unbeatable combination against tapeworms.

Does Advocate kill ringworm?

Yes, Advocate kills ringworm. It is a topical treatment that is effective in killing the fungus that causes ringworm. Advocate also helps to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation.

How to Use Advocate for Worms

There are many ways to use Advocate for worms. The most common way is to mix the product with food and give it to your pet. You can also mix it with water and put it in your pet’s drinking water, or mix it with soil and apply it to the lawn or garden.

To treat a specific area, such as a flower bed, you can make a mixture of Advocate for worms and water in a bucket or watering can then apply it directly to the plants.

You can also pour the mixture around the edge of the treated area so that the liquid will soak into the ground. always follow label directions when using any pesticide product.

FAQs on Advocate for Worms

How long does it take for Advocate to work on worms?

Advocate is a fast-acting product that starts killing worms within 24 hours of application. Advocate quickly eliminates 98-100% of heartworm larvae, roundworm, hookworm, and whipworm.

Does Advocate cover roundworm?

Yes, Advocate does cover roundworm. Advocate is a broad-spectrum monthly flea and tick prevention for cats that also protects against some common internal and external parasites, including roundworm.

Roundworms are a type of intestinal parasite that can infect both cats and dogs.

They are most commonly spread through contact with infected feces, but can also be spread through contact with infected food or water, or by coming into contact with an infected animal.

Roundworms can cause serious health problems in both cats and dogs, so it’s important to protect your pet against them with a product like Advocate.

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