Can you Get Rid of Bed Bugs with Bleach?

Will Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

Certainly, as many chemicals do kill bed bugs, you can also get rid of bed bugs with bleach. However, the main disadvantage of using this component in eliminating these pests is that you would have to spray directly onto these bugs.

And, that technical means if these pests have invested on your furniture, carpet, mattresses, and walls, then you must spray them with the bleach.  The bleach is a powerful chemical that can make you develop respiratory difficulties when inhaled or cause severe skin discomfort.

Therefore, it recommended you use other better and less harmful to human health alternatives such as heat. But, in case you have utilized all other alternatives and you have not succeeded in eliminating those bugs, then you can apply the bleach directly on them.

While the use of undiluted bleach will damage your furniture, mattresses, bedding, and other surfaces, it is the most effective. Diluting this chemical lessens its chemical activity and hence, making it hard to kill the bugs. Therefore, if you are in desperate situations, use the concentrated type of bleach.

Active Ingredients in Bleach

Do you know why you are advised to get rid of the pests using the bleach? If you do not know, well it is because of its active ingredients, which make it a powerful pests killer chemical. Sodium chloride, water, sodium hypochlorite, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, sodium chlorate, and sodium polychloride are its active constituents.

These constituents sound powerful, but sodium chloride is objectively a stable salt. This ingredient is typically used to stabilize the bleach and is widely applied by soap manufactures to stabilize soaps.

The primary active ingredient in a bleach is sodium hypochlorite. It usually works in killing germs and whitening the clothes. On the other hand, sodium chlorite is the natural breakdown compound of sodium hypochlorite.

Sodium carbonate is important because of its ability to soften water and assist in eliminating tough stains. The last constituent, sodium polyacrylate, inhibits dirt from being reabsorbed into your clothes or any other materials during the washing process.

Now that you are familiar with the active components that are present in the bleach it is good to know how these components aid in killing the pests including their eggs.

Because of sodium hypochlorite, the eggs’ outermost layer is oxidized and the body of the adult and nymph is oxidized, hence killing them.

Bleach and Bed Bug Eradication

Eliminating bed bugs from our homes, especially if they are in plenty is not an easier job. You have to really work hard and keep trying different types of chemicals and bleaches in the attempt of killing the pests.  Well, for those of you who prefer using the bleach, which kind of breach works best for you?

Will Clorox Bleach kill bed bugs?

Yes, Clorox contains the primary active ingredient, sodium hypochlorite among other ingredients that are essential in killing bugs. However, to avoid purchasing fake Clorox bleach, you are required to but it from well-known and registered stores.

Some of the stores from where you can obtain genuine Clorox bleach include Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or from Clorox Company itself. When applying Clorox ensure that you do it directly to the regions where these pests are hiding so as to kill them.

Will Lysol Kill Bed bugs?

When applied directly on the surfaces that are invested with bed bugs or directly onto them, Lysol can effectively eliminate them. Usually, Lysol is used in getting rid of germs on shared surfaces.

But, given the high interests and demand of the most effective chemical of eradicating bed bugs, scholars have discovered that using Lysol can actively kill the most disturbing pests in our homes.

When applying this chemical, you are required to ensure that your children are not near and you have covered your nose. That is because if you directly inhale this substance, then you will be increasing the chances of developing respiratory complications.

You can buy Lysol from or any other store that has been licensed by the government to sell such chemicals.

Will OxiClean Bleach Kill bed bugs?

Just like the other types of bleaches, OxiClean contains sodium hypochlorite, which is an important constituent in killing bugs. Therefore, when adequately applied onto the surfaces heavily infested by pests, then you will be certain that the bugs will be eradicated.

Genuine OxiClean bleach can be bought at, eBay, or any other store that has been granted permission by the state to sell such chemicals.

Other Chemicals that Kill Bed Bugs Fast

Pyrethroids and Pyrethrins are some of the highly recommended chemicals you can use to swiftly eradicate bed bugs from your home. Pyrethroids are synthetic chemical pesticides while Pyrethrins are botanical pesticides obtained from chrysanthemum flowers.

FAQs on Bleach and Bed Bugs

On several platforms I have seen people with several questions regarding the application of bleach in eliminating bed bugs from their houses. However, the most common frequently asked question in all those platforms is:

Does bleach and water kill bed bugs?

The best answer to this question is that adding water to your bleach technically reduces its concentration, hence making it less effective than when it is in its concentrated form.  In other words, you are required to spray undiluted bleach onto your surfaces containing bed bugs for you to obtain optimal results.

Adding more water to the bleach dilutes it and lessens its activity and thus making it difficult for your bleach to eradicate the bugs from your surfaces.


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